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My Familly

My Family

My family is small , it is composed from four individuals , my father & my mother and my sister and me ; I love my family greatly and my family love me too .

My name is Hanif & my sister is Hilyah .. We live in Indonesia .. The city that include thousand minarets .. It is beautiful city by it's old monuments & modern buildings .

Me & Fatima obey our mother and father , we pray behind the father most times .

Our mother helps us in understanding lessons , in her leisure time , she & Father are happy .. For our success in school , I myself prefer from educational materials : Chemistry & Physics & Biology and Math , but Fatima prefers : Literature & Music and Drawing .

My dream to be doctor , and Fatima dreams to be teacher ( Painting ) .

Doctor and teacher's occupation are very important & essential .. in the whole society , doctor treats patients and teacher educate young boy & girls .

My Father endure to save money for family , and mother gets much tiredness in cooking and cleanliness .

This is my small family , but my big family is :

My grand-pa & grand-ma , cousins males & females , ... in future I'll have nephews & nieces and my sister will has nephews and nieces .. In Sha'a Allah .

I love all members of my big family and they love me too ..

They are my relatives .. relatives love from Islam instruction , that what Allah named in his Holy Book ( Family relation ) .

This link has to be by mutual feelings in happiness & adversity .. as in joy or harmful time !!

By Love and co-operation between family members .. family would be happy , if all families are so , the whole community would be : happy & strong and associated ....

Family association is an essential matter for society happiness and progress .

Any community is composed from the whole families , and the family is the basic foundation ... besides Islam urges family relationship association link .

My father says to us this saying many times , also our religious educational teacher in our school .

So, co-operation & love would be between small family individual .. also between big family members .. as a cause for society happiness and progress .


أُسْرَتي صَغيرَةٌ ، تتكوّنُ مِنْ أَرَبَعة أَفْرادٍ ، أَبي وأمِّي وأُختي وأنا ؛ أُحِبُّ أُسرَتي كثيرًا وأُسْرَتي تُحبُّني كَذلك .

اسْمي حنيف وأُختي اسمُها حلية .. نعيشُ في مدينةِ القاهرةِ مدينةِ الأَلفِ مئذِنِةٍ .. وهي مدينَةٌ جميلةٌ بآثارِها القديمةِ ومبانِيها العَصْرِيَّةِ .

أنا وفَاَطمةُ نُطيعُ أُمِّي وأبي ، ونُصلِّي جَميعًا خَلْفَ أبي مُعْظَمَ الأّوْقات .

تُساعَدُنا أمُّنا في فهْمِ الدُّروس ، في وَقْتِ فراغِها ، وهي وأبي سعيدانَ بتفوقُّنا في الدّراَسَة ، أُفضِّلُ مِنِ الموادِ : الكيمياءَ والفيزياءَ والأَحْياءَ والرِّياضِيَّات ، لكنّ فاطمَةَ تحِبُّ : الأَدَبَ ، والموسيقى والرَّسْمَ .

حُلْمي أن أكونَ طبيبًا ، وفاطمةُ تَحْلُمُ أَنْ تكونَ مدرّسةً .

إنَّ عَمَلَ الطبيب وعملَ المدرّسة ، هامٌ وضَرُوريٌ في كُلِّ مُجْتَمَعٍ ، الطبيبُ يعالجُ المَرضى والمدرّسةُ تُعَلِّمُ الصِّغارَ مِنْ بَنينَ وبناتِ .

أبي يَتْعبُ ليُوَّفِرَ للأسرةِ المالَ ، وأمِّي تَتعَبُ في طَهْي الطَّعَام وتنظيفِ البَيْتِ ..

هذه هي أسرتَي الصَّغيرة ، أما أسرتي الكبيرةُ فَهِيَ :

جَدِّي وجَدَّتي ، وأبناءُ عَمِّي وبناتُ عمِّي ، وأبناءُ عَمَّتي وبناتُ عَمَّتي ، وكذلك أبناء خالي وبنات خالي ثم أبناء خالتي وبنات خالتي .. وفي المستقبل سيكون لي أبناء وبنات أُختٍ ، ويكون لأُخْتي أبناءُ وبناتُ أخ .. إنْ شاءَ الله .

أُحبُّ كلَّ أفراد أسرتي الكبيرة ويحبُّونني ، هُم أقاربي ، وحُبُّ الأقاربِ مِن الإسلامِ ، وهو ما سَمّاهُ الله في كتابِهِ الكريمِ ( صِلَةَ الأَرْحامِ ) .

وهذه الصِّلَةُ تكونُ بالحُبِّ والتعاونِ في السَّرَّاءِ والضَّراءِ ، أي في وقتِ الفَرَحِ ، وأيضًْا في وقتِ الحُزْنِ والضِّيقِ ، بالحبِّ والتَعاونِ بينَ أفرادَ الأُسْرَةِ ، تكونُ الأسرةُ سعيدةً ، وإذا كانت كلُّ الأُسَرِ سَعيدةً كانَ المجتمعُ سَعيدًا وقويًا ومُتَرابِطًا ، إن التَّرابُطَ الأُسَريَّ أَمْرٌ ضَرُوريٌّ لِسَعادةِ المجتمعِ وتَقدُّمِهِ .

فأيُّ مجتمعَ يتكوّنُ مِنْ مجَمَوعِ الأُسَرِ ، والأُسْرَةُ هي أساسُ المجتمعِ والإسلامُ يَحُضُّ على الترابط الأسَرِيِّ وصِلَةِ الأَرْحامِ .

وأبي يقولُ لنا هذا كثيرًا ، وكذَلِكَ مدِّرسُ التربيةِ الدينيَّةِ في المدرسةِ .

وهكذا يكونُ التعاونُ والحبُّ بينَ أفرادِ الأُسرَةِ الصَّغِيَرةِ ، وكذلك بين أَفْرادِ الأسرةِ الكبيرةِ ، سَبَبًا في سعادةِ الجميعِ وتقدُّمِ الجميعِ .

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" اذا ضافت بك الدنيا ففكر في ألم نشرح .. فعسر بين يسرين متى تذكرهما تفرح "

My Friends (أصحابي ) , More Friends More Knowledge, Let's Share and Study More

My unforgettable memory when i was be the winner in Arabic debate contest
I am student at darullughah wadda'wah.. it means language Home, here we can share and improve our language ability... you are free to download anything as tou want..
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Inspiring Quotes

Where there is a will there is a way

A bad beginning makes a bad ending

"A life without purpose is a languid, drifting thing; Every day we ought to review our purpose, saying to ourselves: This day let me make a sound beginning, for what we have hitherto done is naught!"
-- Thomas A. Kempis--

"All misfortune is but a stepping stone to fortune".
-- Henry David Thoreau--

"Anyone can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend's success".
-- Oscar Wilde--

"As long as you keep a person down, some part of you has to be down there to hold him down, so it means you cannot soar as you otherwise might"
-- Marian Anderson--

"Beauty, truth, friendship, love, creation – these are the great values of life. We can't prove them, or explain them, yet they are the most stable things in our lives".
-- Jesse Herman Holmes--